ACD参展美国AACR年会 2016

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ACD参展美国AACR Annual Meeting 2016New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

2016年美国AACRAmerican Association for Cancer Research)年会将于北美时间2016416-20日在美国路易斯安那州新奥尔良(New Orleans, Louisiana, USA召开。


而且此刻,又有16篇使用RNAscope Assay进行肿瘤领域研究的新文献发表,在此我们真诚地感谢这些科学家选择RNAscope Assay助力研究。

RNAscope® Assay AACR Poster Presentations

We invite you to see the 11 poster presentations at AACR that include RNAscope® Assay.
Additionally, we have 16 new publications in cancer research. We thank the authors for using RNAscope® Assay to empower their research.

The posters span a multitude of topics including

  • Human in Mouse Models
  • Genetic Determinants and Regulators of Cancer Immunity
  • Biomarkers
  • Cell-Cell Interaction and Tumor Microenvironment
  • Adoptive Cell Therapy, Immune Checkpoints, and Vaccines
  • Tumor Biology
  • Immunomodulation and Immunotherapy

Join us at ACD booth #1948.

Your ACD Team


RNAscope Posters

应用RNAscope Assays发表的肿瘤领域研究的文献列表

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