Eppendorf PCR Tubes, 0.2 mL-PCR耗材-耗材-生物在线
Eppendorf PCR Tubes, 0.2 mL

Eppendorf PCR Tubes, 0.2 mL


产品名称: Eppendorf PCR Tubes, 0.2 mL

英文名称: Eppendorf PCR Tubes, 0.2 mL, PCR 洁净级, 8 联管,120 条 (960 个单管)

产品编号: 0030124359

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产品产地: 德国

品牌商标: Eppendorf

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The lid is hooked to prevent contamination.
The special hinge design holds the lid position in place.
Highly transparent, including the bottom of the tube.
Frosted tube cover surface for easy marking.
Good tightness.
Easy to open.
Thermal cycler for all 0.2 mL module specifications.
Available in 8 intercalation sizes.
Batch tested, free of DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors (PCR clean clean grades), and certified by third-party laboratories.