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Precision moulded from 99.9% pure virgin polypropylene
Ultra-Thin Walls accelerate heat transfer for shorter cycles
Certified RNase, DNase and Pyrogen safe plates available in 24, 32, 48, 96 and 384 well formats
Full and growing Line of PCR Products
Axygen PCR products are specifically designed for use with the Polymerase Chain Reaction® process. You will find a variety of sizes, configurations, and colors of our PCR products to help you organize this step-and-repeated process. As with all our tubes, Axygen PCR tubes are certified RNase, DNase and pyrogen safe to ensure the purity of your reaction. "In house" PCR experts are in place to assure product definition and inspection of all PCR products prior to shipment.

See your Reaction
Our PCR tubes and 8-strip tubes + caps are specifically designed for use in thermal transfer applications. The tube walls are ultra-thin and consistent so thermal transfer is precisely even along the surface of the tube. The unique cap design guarantees a perfect fit which means there is no sample evaporation during thermal cycling. Like our tips, our PCR tubes are made from highly polished moulds and are free of lubricants, dyes and heavy metals or fillers. The difference is clearly amazing.

Axygen PCR Tubes
PCR tubes require a thin and consistent wall thickness to reduce the insulating effect of the tube. Axygen PCR tubes are manufactured to the highest quality standards so your results will be consistent every time. Unlike some PCR tubes that have a short cap which may allow for sample evaporation during thermal cycling, Axygen's flat and domed capped 0.2ml and 0.5ml single tubes and our 8-strip tubes + caps PCR tubes are sealed with a full-length, even insertion cap which ensures a tight fit and eliminates the worry of sample evaporation.
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PCR Microplates
Axygen PCR MIcroplates are available in 24-, 32-, 48-, 96 low profile, 96 half skirt, 96 full skirt and 384 well formats. All are manufactured from 99.9% pure virgin polypropylene and are guaranteed RNase, DNase and pyrogen free.
Online catalog - PCR products section

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PCR tubes are shipped in re-sealable plastic bags.