Siemens Booster Relays西门子高流通空气放大器Model 61H-其它-仪器设备-生物在线
Siemens Booster Relays西门子高流通空气放大器Model 61H

Siemens Booster Relays西门子高流通空气放大器Model 61H


产品名称: Siemens Booster Relays西门子高流通空气放大器Model 61H

英文名称: SiemensBooster Relays - 61H and 61VH

产品编号: Model 61H

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产品产地: USA

品牌商标: SIEMENS/西门子

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SiemensBooster Relays - 61H and 61VH西门子空气放大器

Models 61H   Models 61L   Models 61F  Models 61FE   Models 61VH

The series 61 Booster Relays reproduce pneumatic signals in a 1:1 ratio for applications where input isolation or increased flow capacity are required.

61H is a High-Capacity Booster Relay designed to improve the stroking speed of large diaphragm valves.

61VH is a High-Capacity Booster Relay designed for use on control valve actuators that require very fast stroking speeds. Both 61H and 61VH feature a stabilizing bypass needle valve between the input and output, which eliminates the need for an externally piped bypass.