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HiTrap 5x1 ml Capto Phenyl

HiTrap 5x1 ml Capto Phenyl


产品名称: HiTrap 5x1 ml Capto Phenyl

英文名称: HiTrap 5x1 ml Capto Phenyl

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17-5451-08 HiTrap 5x1 ml Capto Phenyl (hi
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Capto™ Phenyl (high sub)

  • Aromatic ligand coupled with a flexible spacer for laboratory and process applications requiring a HIC medium with medium to high hydrophobicity
  • Highly rigid matrix enables high flow rates, long bed heights and faster throughput
  • Improves productivity and process economy in downstream operations
  • Narrow specification range ensures robust performance in sensitive processes
  • Excellent chemical stability allows cleaning with all standard CIP solutions, including 1 M sodium hydroxide

Capto™ Phenyl (high sub)

Technical Information

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Capto Phenyl (high sub) is designed for processes requiring medium to high hydrophobicity.


Base matrix  Highly cross-linked agarose 
Ligand  Phenyl 
Coupling chemistry  Epoxy 
Average particle size  75 μm 
Degree of substitution  Approx. 27 μmol/ml 
Dynamic binding capacity at QB10% (BSA)  27 g/l 
pH stability   3-13 (long term and operational)
3-14 (short term and CIP)
Flow velocity  At least 600 cm/h in a 1 m diameter column with 20 cm bed height at 20°C using process buffers with the same viscosity as water at < 3 bar (0.3 MPa).