产品名称: CDI活化琼脂糖

英文名称: CDI Amine Reactive Agarose

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产品产地: USA

品牌商标: G-Biosciences

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CDI Amine Reactive Agarose consists of 6% cross-linked agarose activated with CDI (1,1’-carbonyl diimidazole) to form reactive imidazole carbamates. The activation of the resin occurs in solvent and to maintain its activity. The resin is supplied in acetone to prevent hydrolysis. Upon reaction of the resin with primary amine containing molecules, i.e. proteins, in basic (pH8.5~10) aqueous buffers, the imidazole carbamates lose the imidazole group and form carbamate linkages. CDI Amine Reactive Agarose is ideal for immobilizing peptides, small organic molecules and certain proteins and reactions can occur in organic solvent making it ideal for water-insoluble ligands.
Proven coupling chemistry, Easy to use, no secondary coupling agents required, Stable linkages, Couple in inorganic buffers for insoluble molecules. Suitable for Couple proteins and peptides. Couple primary amine containing ligands. Store:2~8℃.