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Axygen 0.6, 1.5, 1.7 and 2.0 ml Snaplock microtubes are engineered to close with a "snap" and stay closed during centrifugation up to 20,000 xG. All are tested to 55 psi and are ready for autoclaving. Each volume model is exceptionally clear and features rounded bottoms free from sharp 'gates' to give smoothness and total clarity for the researcher to view the button. The 0.6ml, 1.7ml, and 2.0ml "MaxyClear" tubes provide 100% visibility...the clearest tubes on the market. For easy labeling, tubes have both frosted caps (with a 0.28 mm piercing port) and frosted writing surfaces on the side. For special applications such as RNA and DNA amplification or protein work, Axygen exclusively offers MAXYMum Recovery tubes. Axygen's clean molding process results in tubes that are safe from RNase and DNase contamination.
Axygen Scientific tube moulds are diamond polished to a mirror finish and examined microscopically at frequent intervals. Our industry-leading moulds are of such high quality we do not need to use contaminating releasing fluids during the manufacturing process. This technique results in an almost glass-like transparent finish. We use 99.9% pure virgin polypropylene that contains no mineral fillers or heavy metals. All our tubes are certified RNase, DNase and pyrogen free. Our colorants are completely free from metallic ions - not even the usual iron, chromium or nickel used in many dyes.
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Axygen Screw Cap Tubes
Axygen screw cap microtubes serve a broad range of laboratory needs including collection, processing, centrifugation, long term storage, and OEM packaging /shipping of restricted enzymes or other DNA/RNA modifying reagents. Color coded caps provide a syringe port – easily pierceable for radioisotope labeling and fraction collecting. The threaded 'O'ring design ensures a uniform closure allowing centrifugation up to 20,000 xG. Ribs are designed to fit our aluminum AxyRack which has 24 serrated holes for the ribs to fit into, offering single handed opening and closing.
The closure features an 'O'ring that is formulated and manufactured from a special compound to be impervious to chemicals, such as, ethyl alcohol anhydrous, ether purified, hexane, acetone, chloroform, acetonitrile, and 40% trifluoro acetic acid solution and other chemicals used in most laboratories.
Axygen screw cap tubes feature a patented alignment feature to align the microtube with the centrifuge rotor for multiple applications, such as desalting. This alignment feature allows the micro tube to be re-spun without disturbing the partially pelletized sediment.
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Autoclaving Protocol
Autoclave at 121°C / 250°F, under 15 lbs. per square inch of pressure for 10 to 15 minutes with drying. Remove from autoclave immediately.

Autoclaving Caution
Excessive exposure to autoclaving heat may cause warping or decreased structural integrity. Do not exceed 121°C / 250°F, 15 PSI, 15 minutes.

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Microtubes are shipped in re-sealable plastic bags.