texwipe TX715棉签-仪器配套专用耗材-耗材-生物在线
texwipe TX715棉签

texwipe TX715棉签


产品名称: texwipe TX715棉签

英文名称: Alpha® Polyester Knit TX715 Large Cleaning Validation Swab

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产品价格: 315

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Alpha® Polyester Knit TX715 Large Cleaning Validation Swab with Notched Handle, Non-Sterile

Texwipe’s cleaning validation cleanroom swabs are used to determine the effectiveness of cleaning protocols as specified by the US FDA. HPLC/ UV-Vis Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis are different methods used to validate these cleaning processes.

Texwipe offers the following cleaning validation swabs:

  • Alpha®Polyester Knit Series - TX715 - suitable for HPLC analysis using a UV detector analytical method
  • Alpha®Polyester Knit Series - TX714K, TX761K - suitable for use in TOC analysis  
  • Absorbond® Polyester Non-Woven Large Swab - TX716 - suitable for HPLC analysis

NSF Certified to be acceptable for use as a Cleaning Swab (P1) in and around food processing areas. The product must only be used in such a manner as to ensure it will not have direct contact with food or potable water. Use must also be consistent with the manufacturer’s directions.   


  • All Cleaning Validation swabs are precision-manufactured and constructed to exacting and consistent tolerances without the use of adhesives for superior performance
  • Notched, rigid 100% polypropylene, break-away handle allows the head to be placed into the vial with minimal handling and contamination and provides excellent chemical resistance
  • Lot coded for traceability and quality control
  • TX715: This swab is additionally processed to reduce the UV background. Proprietary cleaning process reduces interference in the 230 nm range, resulting in an improved limit of detection
  • Double layered, double knit polyester head entraps contaminants in the knit structure during sampling, allowing maximum contaminant collection and release into the diluent to provide for excellent recovery rates
  • TX714K, TX761K: Certified Low TOC level (<50 μg/L, <50 ppb) ensures consistency in swab background contribution 

Click here for TOC Kits - cleaning validation swabs and vials in pre-assembled kits packaging.

Part No. Head Width Head Thickness Head Length Handle Width Handle Thickness Handle Length Total Swab Length
TX715 12.7mm (0.500") 4.2mm (0.165") 25.7mm (1.012") 5.2mm (0.205") 3mm (0.118") 101.8mm (3.976") 127.5 mm (5.020")

Part Number: TX715