MINI Q 4.6/50 PE-色谱柱 -耗材-生物在线
MINI Q 4.6/50 PE

MINI Q 4.6/50 PE


产品名称: MINI Q 4.6/50 PE

英文名称: MINI Q 4.6/50 PE

产品编号: 17-5177-01

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产品产地: 美国

品牌商标: GE

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17-5177-01 MINI Q 4.6/50 PE
17-5178-01 MINI S 4.6/50 PE

MiniBeads™ Columns

Technical Information

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MiniBeads ion exchange media are available prepacked in Tricorn and PC columns for high-performance, high-resolution purification of proteins, peptides, and polynucleotides.


Ion exchanger type 
Mini Q™  Quaternary ammonium strong anion 
Mini S™  Methyl sulfonate strong cation 
Ionic capacity    
Mini Q™  85-115 μmol Cl-/ml packed medium 
Mini S™  13-29 μmol H+/ml packed medium 
pH stability  3-11 (working), 2-14 (short term) 
Chemical stability  Stable in all common buffers except high concentration oxidizing and reactive agents, DMSO, DMF, and formic acid. 
Base matrix  Monodisperse polystyrene/divinyl benzene particles 
Particle size  3 μm 
Storage  20% ethanol (Q), 0.2 M sodium acetate in 20% ethanol (S) 
Storage temperature  4°C to 30°C 
MiniBeads™ Columns*
Bed volume   
PC 3.2/3  0.24 ml 
4.6/50 PE  0.8 ml 
Max. pressure   
PC 3.2/3  100 bar (1450 psi, 10 MPa) 
4.6/50 PE  180 bar (2610 psi, 18 MPa) 
Recommended flow rate   
PC 3.2/3  0.1-1.0 ml/min 
  4.6/50 PE  0.5-2.0 ml/min 
* Columns not suitable for use with ÄKTAprime™ plus system.



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The exceptional resolution with Mini S 4.6/50 PE makes it a powerful tool for purity check of synthetic oligonucleotides.