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Plant RNA Isolation Aid

Plant RNA Isolation Aid


产品名称: Plant RNA Isolation Aid

英文名称: Plant RNA Isolation Aid

产品编号: AM9690

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Recommended for use with the RNAqueous® Kit for purification of total RNA from plant tissues. One bottle

of 10 mL Ambion® reagent is provided.
• Removes common plant contaminants such as polyphenolics and polysaccharides
• No phenol extraction, alcohol precipitation, or proteinase digestion steps required when used with the

 RNAqueous® kit Ambions Plant RNA Isolation Aid contains polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), a high molecular weight

 polymer that binds to contaminants such as polyphenolics and polysaccharides that are commonly present in

plant tissues. Glass fiber filter–based methods of isolation, such as the RNAqueous® Kit, are especially

suited for plant RNA isolation because it does not include any alcohol precipitation steps; many common

contaminants found in plant tissue are known to co-precipitate with nucleic acid during alcohol precipitation.

 When used with the RNAqueous® Kit, the procedure consists of disrupting the plant tissue in a

guanidinium-based lysis solution to which the Plant RNA Isolation Aid has been added. A brief centrifugation

then removes the contaminants. The supernatant is passed through a glass fiber filter which binds RNA. The

filter is then washed and the RNA is eluted in a small volume (50 µL or more) of elution solution.

Accessory Product: The Plant RNA Isolation Aid is designed for use with the RNAqueous® Kit (SKU #AM1912) for

 RNA purification from plant tissues


















Sample Type (General):

Plant Samples

Final Product:

RNA Supernatant (for use with RNAqueous® kit)

High Throughput Compatibility:

Not High Throughput-Compatible,

Manual Protocols

Isolation Technology:

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Reagent

Product Size:

10 ml

Compatible Products:

RNAqueous® Kit

Shipping Condition:

Room Temperature

Regulatory Statement:

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures


Store Plant RNA Isolation Aid at room temperature or at 4°C.