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Diagnovum manufactures and distribute a comprehensive range of cell culture products for research, development, diagnostic and biopharmaceutical production. The products are used in a variety of applications, e.g. for the cultivation, storage, detachment and separation of cells.

Diagnovum The complete line of cell culture products includes:

Animal Sera

Human Blood Products

Cell Culture Media

Reagents & Supplements




Global expertise, comprehensive knowledge. 

We promote the Business in Life Sciences.

Diagnovum is a privately held company headquartered near Marburg, Germany. The company was formed in 2001 to directly address the needs of the Life Science Industry by serving as a reliable and cost effective outsourcing partner worldwide.

Diagnovum is proud of its highly qualified staff with expertise in various areas of Life Science and Diagnostics. We welcome projects that assist customers in the development of new products or improvement of existing products. Expertise in process optimization and customization services complete the high value service for our clients.


In addition, we are a global provider of pharmaceutical and biological products and raw materials to biopharmaceutical and in-vitro diagnostic manufacturers. We offer a wide range of cell culture products, human serum, as well as other human-based biological products.