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HiTrap 5x1 ml, AVB Sepharose H

HiTrap 5x1 ml, AVB Sepharose H


产品名称: HiTrap 5x1 ml, AVB Sepharose H

英文名称: HiTrap 5x1 ml, AVB Sepharose H

产品编号: 28-4112-11

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产品产地: 美国

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28-4112-11 HiTrap 5x1 ml, AVB Sepharose H 5×1 ml
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AVB Sepharose High Performance

Technical Information

AVB Sepharose High performance is an affinity medium with affinity for adeno associated viruses. It enables purification of adeno associated viruses in one step with high purity and excellent yields. It has proven affinity for adeno associated viruses from subclasses 1, 2, 3, and 5, but it is expected to have affinity for most of the other adeno associated virus subclasses. The ligand is a 14 kD fragment from a single chain antibody, expressed in yeast.


Composition  Cross-linked 6% agarose  
Average Particle size  34 μm  
Ligand  14 kD recombinant protein 
Capacity  Typically >1012 genome copies per ml medium 
pH stability (operational)   3-10 
CIP stability (short term)  2-12 
Pressure/flow spec  Up to 150 cm/h at 30 cm bed height 


This product is part of our Custom Designed media program and not yet a standard product. If you are interested in large-scale quantities, please contact your local GE Healthcare representative