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  • 品牌简介: PolyScience 美国PolyScience  www.polyscience.com.cn  www.polyscience.com  PolyScience 是一家领先的恒温控制设备制造商。从 1963 年起,我们就致力于为世界范围的客户提供创新的温度控制解决方案。我们庞大的经销商和服务网络跨越全球六大洲和大多数主要城市。我们的总部位于美国伊利诺斯州奈尔斯市,就在芝加哥附近。从而我们可以利用丰富的技术资源、制造资源和运输资源。我们所有的产品均由我们自己训练有素的工程技术人员研制、设计,并经过我们质量保证小组的严格检验,以保证我们的客户
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美国PolyScience  www.polyscience.com.cn  www.polyscience.com 
PolyScience 是一家领先的恒温控制设备制造商。从 1963 年起,我们就致力于为世界范围的客户提供创新的温度控制解决方案。我们庞大的经销商和服务网络跨越全球六大洲和大多数主要城市。我们的总部位于美国伊利诺斯州奈尔斯市,就在芝加哥附近。从而我们可以利用丰富的技术资源、制造资源和运输资源。我们所有的产品均由我们自己训练有素的工程技术人员研制、设计,并经过我们质量保证小组的严格检验,以保证我们的客户收到始终符合甚至超预期的产品。我们的产品系列包括: 制冷循环器、制热循环器、冷水机、热交换器、水浴以及定制温度控制设备。
我们经过 ISO 9001:2000 认证的制造工艺确保了高质量、精工细琢以及先进的测试和测量精度及效率, 铸就了高可靠性、高性价比的高效产品。我们的大多数产品都通过了 CSA 和 CE 认证,符合国际标准。

我们在全球的客户都了解 PolyScience 意味着质量、诚信、可靠。40多年来,我们一直将客户的业务视为我们自己的业务,长期密切合作。我们的很多产品已由世界知名的大型公司在其私有商标下销售或者在他们的全套产品中作为组件使用。我们的产品用于许多行业,包括: 实验室、激光器、制药、塑料行业、化学和医疗。
我们承诺始终利用最新科技,设计最新技术水平的高可靠优质产品。我们让客户完全满意的承诺成就了今天的我们: 行业领先者,并满足您温度控制需求的理想供货商。客户的成功意味着我们的成功。

PolyScience is a leading producer of constant temperature control equipment. Since 1963, we have been providing innovative temperature control solutions for our customers worldwide. Our vast distributor and service network spans 6 continents and most major cities around the globe. We are headquartered in Niles, Illinois, USA, just outside of Chicago. This central location provides us with extensive access to technical, manufacturing, and transportation resources.

All of our products are researched and designed by our own highly trained Engineering staff and are closely examined by our Quality Assurance team to ensure that our customers receive products that consistently meet and exceed expectations. Our product line includes: refrigerated circulators, heating circulators, chillers, heat exchangers, water baths, and custom temperature control equipment.

Our ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing process combines the high quality and attention to detail of hand craftsmanship with the precision and efficiency of ultramodern testing and measuring processes. The result is unbeatable product reliability and efficiency, at a very competitive price. The majority of our products carry CSA and CE approvals to ensure conformance to global standards wherever they are used.

Our customers around the globe know that the PolyScience name means quality, integrity and dependability. For more than four decades we have made it our business to understand our customers' businesses, working closely in long-lasting relationships. Many of our products are sold by large, world-renown companies under their own private-label or are used as subassemblies in their complete products. Our products are used in a multitude of industries, including: laboratory, lasers, pharmaceutical, plastics, chemical, and medical.

Our commitment to consistently utilize the latest technology to design state of the art, highly reliable, quality products, coupled with our commitment to total customer satisfaction has made us who we are today: a leader in the industry and an ideal supplier for your temperature control needs. We recognize that when our customers succeed, we succeed.


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