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ACD将在616日美国Boston ISSCR会议上举办Seminar报告- Innovation Showcase IV,欢迎莅临并访问501ACD展位!文中可下载会议poster

Advance your stem cell research
Join us in Boston
for ISSCR 2017

June 14 - 17 | Booth #501 & Innovation Showcase IV

What is missing from your stem cell biomarker analysis?

Research in the stem cell biology field has demonstrated the remarkable capabilities of these cells to self-renew, differentiate, and reprogram. Yet the field is still burgeoning with studies trying to elucidate stem cell populations, characterize stem cell markers, and identify the signals secreted from stem cells. The RNAscope® in situ hybridization (ISH) technology is a powerful technique for molecular identification and characterization of rare stem cell populations in complex tissues that can easily be viewed and quantified with any standard bright-field or fluorescence microscope.

· Identify, characterize, and locate stem cell populations 验证鉴定干细胞群并定位

· Reveal markers of stem cell maintenance and regeneration 寻找干细胞维持干性及再生的特异性标志物

· Identify long non-coding RNAs 鉴定长链非编码RNA

· Detect stem cell markers when no reliable antibodies are available 没有可靠的干细胞标志物抗体时也可以进行检测


此次ISSCR会议中,ACD将邀请UCSF科学家进行Innovation Showcase IV报告,敬请光临:

Visualize the Cellular Localization of RNA Expression in Stem Cells with the RNAscope® Technology


Courtney Anderson, PhD, Senior Scientist, Advanced Cell Diagnostics

"Characterization of stem cells in the tissue context with the RNAscope® technology"

Amnon Sharir, PhD, DVM, Assistant Professor, UCSF School of Dentistry

"Three distinct pools of stem cells switch behavior to maintain and repair the mouse incisor epithelium"

时间: Friday June 16, 11:30 - 12:30 PM

地点:Level 3, Ballroom EastBoston Convention and Exhibit Center



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